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Women looking for women want a romance and not just sex, which goes against what men want most the time as they are more inclined to sex. Not that we are discriminating but it is the way of things. There has been a significant rise in number when it comes to women looking for women these days, maybe as companion or to the share themselves personally and enjoy their companionship physically as well. Some celebrities also have same sex partners and have found bliss in their coming together like Ellen De Generes, Cynthia Nixon, Lindsay Lohan, Rosie O’ Donnell and many more.

What attracts one woman to othlesbian dating websiteer is maybe the emotional part of them that they can share which may be lacking in interaction with male companions. If you are one of the many women looking for women who also is looking for women looking for women, today there are lots of ways to social interact with someone of the same interests like on Facebook which you can indicate your interests through your private settings.

Now you might wonder how to go about dating a woman. Well the ground rules stay the same, dating together only gives you an added insight as you are woman yourself. If you search online, there are also lesbian dating sites specific to countries like russia.

Do these lesbian dating sites cost any money to sign up? Absolutely not! Free social networking women looking for women sites and then of course you can switch to messengers to keep chatting online privately. We suggest you get to know each other online, do not share everything and then of course at point meet in person. Go for the occasional coffee or drive and talk. With women looking for women the one good thing is that they can talk to each other. Women looking for women can often find it tough to open up to companions or may have serious dislikes in their relationship with a male.

Women looking for womenshould be confident about why they are seeking the same sex and not shy away on being confronted as your relationship might suffer. In case you are a married woman, get to know the other person, there is no harm in that but then before you take it any further make up your mind about the one with your previous partner.

Lastly for women looking for women, though you may be of the same sex and know other females seeking females, it is not necessary that you like and love the same things. Adjust, get to know each other, accept and you will soon find bliss with your partner.

How to Attract Married Women Looking for Women

Lesbian or gay dating is never easy. To persuade a partner even more so and when it comes to the same sex well you’re in for a run. Not really but sometimes given the society who talks and which paces a taboo on a topic like this. Though some cultures have accepted same sex companions, women looking for women can still be tagged along. How to still attract lesbian women even if they are married?women seeking women

Try having a heart to heart as friends. A woman cannot resist a chat. Men like to stuff up but women like to talk and in this case talking really helps. Not only will it move you closer but also can be like any other male-female relationship. Try and classify what you are looking for. What is important to women looking for women is their partner and what is something you positively cannot take away. It so happens with women looking for women most times is that women looking for women get attracted to other women looking for women and then do not seem to care as long as things move along but for the benefit of a long term relationship, the women looking for women need to be communicated somewhere in the relationship at a later stage.

In a social setting, it is important you converse and flirt to draw out from your partner. Some women looking for women can be shy, and hence, you should go about mildly flirting just to drop hints. Some serious flirting can come afterwards once the partner has opened up. Flirting is an art and is necessary to master for socializing. We recommend you socialize a lot; it is often you will meet people, like people before really finding a partner you really want as your companion.

Looks of course matter just as how looks in men matter. Just because you are looking for a partner from the same sex does not mean you do not consider it but it may not be that important as the number criteria. Women looking for womenshould take care with appearances as first impressions matter a lot. It is human nature to gauge someone by their looks when you meet them first and hence, we say you groom yourself and deck up before going out for a get together.

In the first few conversations you may just be able to also make sure of what kind of person you are talking to. Do not cross out a person till you have sat down and really spoken. Some women looking for women can be wary in the beginning and given that they might be married they might not open up to you. So try being just friendly the first time and keep your interests to yourself. Let a conversation move along, get on well and once you really r great together, open up to the person.

Beware though, if the person does not react to your hints along the way, try might be a possibility she is not interested. In that case we would leave the judgement up to you to whenever clear out the doubt.

Where to Find Women Looking for Women

The internet is the new source of meeting, dating and starting a relationship no matter where in the globe you are.  A lot people women looking for women also find it easier to do so online as the internet poses as a barrier needed before you can get comfortable. The internet is quite a source of knowledge to at least take things to a normal conversational level to know if you want to go any further or not.girls looking for girls

There are a number of women looking for women sites that you can visit and sign up to meet women looking for women just like our very own lesbian hook up website. The best part of these women looking for women sites or the internet is that you can meet women looking for women of different nationalities. Gone are the days when you had to just stick to your neighborhood when you can be someone on another continent.

If you are a yahoo messenger user you may have noted that the chat rooms have various categories where you even women looking for women can meet each other and chat privately. There are a number of other lesbian dating sites that you can try provided the ‘L’ word does not offend you. Over40andsingle is another site for those who are over 40 and which to seek someone. Women looking women can also try this site as dating sites have all the variations, men seeking men, men seeking women, women looking for women and women seeking men. is an exclusive dating site for men and women seeking affairs, and if you are from the UK you can easily talk and chat over here to find the person you are attracted to. is an open site with people from different sites coming to meet each other.

Once you sign up on these women looking for women sites you can probably make an interesting profile which gets you attention. You can be honest and flirty at the same time. The profile matters a lot and the first time someone looks at it they will either ping you or push off. Write about yourself and what you are interested in and why you are there, do it smartly.

In any sort of relationship it is essential you get to know each other before you take it any further. Share your interests and what you are looking for in a partner. Whether you want to just date or have a relationship is up to you but a lot of things can be sorted out before you catch up. You cannot meet every one and if you are serious about making a relationship work make sure you maintain a balance of liking and compromising. Getting and exact match to your thought out partner is difficult and hence, you will have to put up with a few things.

Married women looking for women as well single women looking for women partners and with the era of today, people are open about it. Women looking for women can also socializing through their friends if their friends can hook them up and know of someone with similar interests.

Women seeking women– How to go about vowing your partner

Women looking for women – A woman looking to vow her partner of the same sex does not have to consider it rocket science when it is as same as dating a man.Women seeking womenare no longer shy to say so and men are ok with that. It is a practical solution to if you feel more in sync with a partner of your own sex and feel the relationship is much better on those grounds. A lot of live in partners are women looking for women as well. Married women seeking women or men looking for men are no longer a daunting issue like it used to be. What can you do to send sparks flying, here are a few tips. Don’t forget that you can also get some good relationship advice from Oprah if your into that sort of thing. :-)

1.       Talk

This is a starting point out for you guys. Whether you have been introduced by friends or met online and are meeting voluntarily, it is important to talk and communicate. You can hardly move along without a decent sit down talk or talking while taking a walk. Communicate as you will realize your likes, dislikes and much more. You will be able to decide if you want to take it further or not.

2.       Flirt

For something is a great idea but some think they will have to learn it. If anything, this comes naturally one you are next to the right person. Flirting can lighten up the mood as well as introduce some spark in to the talk or all along. You can also use it to hint that you want this relationship to go forward and explore all possibility. A partner who flirts or can flirt back is exciting most times unless you meet someone uptight.

3.       Make it special

Once you have settled a little ground work, try to do things normal couples do. Go out have fun, plan and evening, make it exciting. Just talk will not keep things bustling but doing things for each other or make weekends special can make life a lot more fun. Also your partner will appreciate you and like you more for your effort. It shows caring.

4.       Share

Share things about you, get personal and close, go for a trip, increase your intimacy level both verbally and otherwise depending on both partners’ consent. Intimacy is all about being comfortable and letting inhibitions go. Once a couple have began to open up you will realize their relationship will blossom even more.

Does any of this come different forwomen seeking womenor men seeking women? Nope, as all relationships need a solid foundation to work on. If any relationship wants to work however short or long, the partners will have to work at it. Couples like Portia and Ellen are role models. so is Cynthia Nixon with her partner of long time.

If your partner happens to be married, it is for you to decide if you are ok with it that way or would like to move together as a proper couple. Either way happiness is the goal, and the best place to find that happiness is on our website.

Women seeking women on the web

Have you noted that on Facebook you can now choose if you are interested in women even when you are a woman yourself? Though we refuse to use the ‘L’ word, more and more women are seeking women partners given their affinity to get along well with the same sex or any other reasons like disappoint with the male sex.

Women seeking womencan now social network as well as sign up on dating sites online to look for their partners or enjoy a brief fling. For those who live between cultures that do not allow the same, the web is an amazing place to go about meeting people. Women looking for women sites that allow dating each other also organize meet and greet or allow you to get to know a personal you might be interested it. For many the web is a safe as well as secure source to give up their inhibitions and get involved.

There was a time when you thought there was no scope in loving a partner of the same sex. With the internet a new community has formed online and people are free and open to express their interests as well as status and sexual orientation. You can talk to some over the boundaries and meet on a vacation when you visit.

Female seeking female sites – People of all sorts even those who found it tough to meet in person can make use of this technological barrier to express what they would like to say without feeling shy.  Most of these women looking for women sites let you make profiles where you can express, say and be out right open about yourself. Is that not great? You can even upload pictures. If you are someone who likes to go around surfing, you visit a person who catches your attention and then look through their profile to see their friend texts to gauge how likeable the person is.

Sexuality is rampant when it comes the cyber world and women looking for women or even men seeking men and otherwise. Diminished barriers, video calling, webcam chat is almost like sitting next to a person. Just because the person is not next to you, your inhibitions and anxiety runs low and you can really come out and be you.

The only thing we can warn you about is sharing any personal information. Do not do this until you have been met or know any mutual friends or have proof of the person. Though sitting across the screen may look harmless but a number of obsessive freaks do also exist on the web. Enjoy a good rapport, chat and talk. In case things feel fishy and the person starts to behave erratically, block the person. Its great advise for women looking for women.

A woman dating a woman or in other words, of the same sex is fine, but please maintain caution when it comes to sharing any information. A lot of profiles are made on pseudo names and if you must start with it. Apart from this, when it comes to women looking for women, the web is helpful and can help you find your love.

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March 25, 2011

sarah boampong @ 4:36 pm #

looking for serious friendship and dating

July 18, 2011

Deanna @ 7:21 pm #

just have gotten to the point where I am sick of men and the careless ways …women are loving …attractive and sensitive …right now I could just use a good women for friendship outside my circle of friends and who knows where that could lead

August 4, 2011

BARACK ODONGO @ 4:31 pm #


April 7, 2013

virginia @ 8:34 pm #

im a married female looking for a female to have some fun with

April 9, 2013

monalisa @ 4:18 pm #

i am 25 years and i need someone to teach me…

April 28, 2013

lane12 @ 8:39 pm #

Does having a want for an extra sexual experience even though I’m happily married, but sexually bored with routine. Wanting something different for myself, is that a bad thing or a midlife crisis not sure at 45.

May 24, 2013

Anne @ 9:09 pm #

My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web address and thought I might check things out.
I like what I see so now i’m following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

June 3, 2013

Daisy @ 10:35 am #

@Deanna: I would like to meet u. I think the same way you do . I’m sick of men’s B.S , I live at the beach close to everything .

June 4, 2013

rhonda @ 6:37 pm #

i’m married ,realtionship went south, need good looking playmate for husband,to keep him busy ! i work alot, he has pleny of free time,will give out # and i have texting !!!!!!!! !!

rhonda @ 7:10 pm #

look me up

June 7, 2013

tree @ 4:34 pm #

Just wanting to see what I have been missing. I want to touch the skin of a woman and I want to please a woman.

August 6, 2013

jessica @ 1:14 am #

hey! im a very curious girl looking to have fun email me …nj area!!

March 2, 2014

Terri @ 3:53 am #

seeking mature ladies in the myrtle beach SC area ,Terri3197 at g mail dot com

Terri @ 3:54 am #

seeking mature ladies in the myrtle beach SC area

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seeking mature ladies over 45 and under 65

March 5, 2014

reeta @ 6:39 am #

iwant female for goodfriendship andrelationship..

reeta @ 6:42 am #

hi…can we be friends?

April 19, 2014

evi allon @ 2:17 am #

i’m a 22yo beautiful swiss lesbian. i’m looking for girls / women worldwide to meet them in my vacations.

April 22, 2014

Prim @ 6:50 pm #

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Prim @ 6:54 pm #

Any women in Oregon area….ho31637?

July 28, 2014

Dee1220 @ 12:40 am #

I am a lesbian looking for some fun outside of my circle of friends. If you are within a 30-50 mile radius from Grand Haven, MI and are interested, please let me know. :)

Dee1220 @ 12:43 am #

I love to be eaten and return the favor. ;)

August 4, 2014

dian @ 9:59 pm #

@Deanna: do you want to be my friend?

dian @ 10:10 pm #

what u see is what you get anything you want to know just ask me

September 9, 2014

connie @ 8:52 am #

I am looking for sexy middle age women in tenn. u.s.a. that would like to have sex with me and my sexy husband and getting to know each other send me a e-mail & lets hook up soon.

October 4, 2014

Tabatha @ 1:52 pm #

Anyone close to Chicago – married and would like to experiment with a woman – no swinging plz

January 17, 2015

R. D. Harden @ 10:25 am #

Established 57 year old woman who would like someone to talk to that is not straight. I like muscle cars, the outdoors, I am a naturalist photographer. I was a chef for 40 years, also an X-ray tech for 12 years. I love to travel the United States. I maybe 57 in age but look like I am in my 40’s and act like I am in my 30’s. I am involved with several charities and feel it is better to give then to receive . So if any of this sounds of interest and you want to chat with an educated but funny person I would at least be worth a few minutes of your time. What do you have to lose.

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