Nov 25

Married women looking for women

Married women looking for women

If you are a married women looking for women, you are not alone. Many women turn to other women to find love and affection that they might feel is/ missing from their marriage. There can be several reasons, which may lead a woman to find a woman lover. While it is becoming increasingly common, it is a cause for worry because it speaks volumes about how casually people the institution of marriage these days.

One of the top reasons that lead married women looking for women is loneliness. Many women feel that their husband’s do not spend enough time with them. The reasons can be varied – while some men are genuinely very busy at work because they are over the top ambitious, others simply avoid spending too much at home because they love hanging out with their buddies and getting drunk. No matter what causes the man to stay out till late, a lonely woman is bound to eventually find solace and comfort in something else. A few decades ago, such women turned into alcoholics but as women progressed, they realised they deserved better and decided to find love outside their homes. And the simple fact is who can understand a woman better than another woman?

Another factor that plays a major role in married women looking for women is sexual experimentation. Many women start feeling bored with their sex life after a few years of marriage. They feel they need to try new things, experience new feelings and pleasures. Combined with the feeling of loneliness and despair as well, many women who are bold wish to experiment in a rebellious streak. They seek other women and end up trying a lesbian encounter. Many a times, it ends up being just a onetime thing but for those who are very lonely and find the comfort of another woman very appealing turn into lesbians.

Should married women looking for women feel guilty?

However, the most common factor that leads to married women looking for women is the feeling of not feeling guilty. Many women believe that if they do not have an ‘intercourse’ they are not really cheating on their husbands. Coupled with the feeling of utter loneliness and the desire to strike back with a crazy bold move; many women end up enjoying the company of other women. This can be quite exhilarating as well as comforting as women have a way with other people and always manage to make each other feel better.

Married women looking for women worldwide

The unique as well as different experience that results from such an affair starts to grow on many women. Not only do they find a kind, understanding and accommodating lover; they also find a good friend who can fill all their empty hours and have wonderful conversation about things that mostly interests women alone. From discussing fashion to politics and even their families, women find it easier to confess their dirty secrets and fantasies to other women and soon the loneliness that results in married women looking for women disappears.

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Nov 16

Married women looking for married women

married women looking for married women

If you are a married woman who is looking to get some excitement in her life, maybe you should try being one of the married women looking for married women. It has its advantages as compared to any other kind of married affair and we will now discuss them all.

Many marriages are not happy. Either the man is too ambitious and always working or too much of a ‘guy’s guy’ and loves to spend all his free time with his buddies. The reasons can be numerous, but if you are looking for an extra marital affair, there is no need to be ashamed. Especially if you are considering a relationship with another woman, there is no need to be afraid because it can well, even be a good thing for you. Many women do not allow their mind to think about having affairs with other women. Even if they do feel they have lesbian tendencies, many women do the ‘right’ thing only to find social acceptance and get married to a man they just can’t love.

Married women looking for married women make it very clear that even if they are unhappy with their marriages, they do not wish to end them. The reasons again can be numerous. They might not wish to hurt the children, they could be financially dependent on their husbands or simply because they still desire social acceptance. But finding another married woman in order to fulfil all your lesbian desires can be just the thing you need.

How discreet can married women looking for married women be?

Married women can be great at being discreet. Especially if they are married women looking for married women and both have too much to risk. Such relationships are based on mutual trust and discretion. If you have always wondered what it is like to be with another woman, your best bet is to try out with another married woman. This way, even if you both like the experience and find it refreshingly exciting after your poor sex life, you can continue the relationship without anyone at all ever doubting your friendship. While most women go for their old school friends or college friends, a lot of women also try and find other likeminded married women through the internet.

Find married women looking for married women

The internet is filled with opportunities for married women looking for married women. In fact, there are discreet dating websites that can arrange for you to meet just the right kind of woman. No matter what you fancy, a young bride or a confident businesswoman, this is the right place to find a woman you can feel attracted to and who can fulfil all those fantasies you have been hiding for years. What is more, this relation is very easy to maintain, even for many years. Once you have found the right partner, simply introduce her to your family as an old friend or someone you just met at the grocery store. In fact, if you do have a good story to weave, you can even introduce your husbands and all of you can spend many weekends together.

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