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female seeking femaleWith the 20th century, women progressed truly and today, most women are as ambitious, as qualified and as capable as the next man. So what has happened to relations? Many a times, women have such great expectations from their men that most of their relationships are disasters. Then reason is that for centuries, men have loved being able to dominate their women, ensuring the woman takes care of all wifely duties which include cooking, taking care of kids as well as keeping the house tidy. Today, when women are as busy as men themselves, they expect their men to help them out. This leaves the man of the house feeling frustrated, impotent and unhappy which ultimately leads to a disastrous end of the relationship. And this is also the reason that female affairs are growing.

Somewhere deep inside every woman desires to have a woman friend who can be their confidant and can really understand her. Even though women have become so successful, deep inside they still crave belonging, comfort and the safety that only a good relationship can give. A few decades ago, female seeking female had to be very discreet because such relationships were looked down upon. A woman who preferred women over men were not accepted in the society and had to bear the brunt of being an outcast. What is more even adoption agencies, government agencies and offices did not appreciate women who were lesbians. They could not hold good jobs, become mothers and be an active part of our society.

Are female seeking female affairs shunned?

But today, the scene has greatly changed. People have evolved and grown a lot and female seeking female affairs are no longer shunned. The world has understood that choosing your partners is a private affair and as long as it doesn’t affect the work in any way, it is totally acceptable. Similarly, today women who are lovers and are in a committed relationship can get pregnant by artificial insemination and even be officially ‘married’ in many countries. The world has changed at large and acceptance has finally made life for those who choose to be gay, much easier. Yet, in many countries, the older generations still do not appreciate female seeking female affairs. Girls still find it hard to reveal to their parents that they prefer men over women and various women get married even against their better judgement just to fit in the society.

Find female seeking female affairs

The fact that women have a more acute sense of belonging has a great role to play in such relationships. Women love emotional intimacy, which men sometimes find very difficult to understand. Even more, women are better equipped to discuss anything and everything and have always found it easy to communicate to each other. This strengthens many relationships and makes them more warm, exciting and fresh. Even more, the simple fact that somewhere deep most people think lesbian affairs are wrong adds that excitement and thrill to these relationships.

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